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The Soulful Entrepreneur Community
Alison Proffit

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Joy is the best strategy for success

Why You Should Join

Who is this community for?

Well if you registered to the Soulful Entrepreneur Summit, this is where you will find the details on how to join the summit event sessions- zoom links, times, etc. 

Ultimately, this community is for goal-driven, authentic small business leaders who value personal growth, connection, integrity, and innovation.

Those who are continuing with the courage to serve the world through their purpose, who are ready to continue to thrive and make the impact in the world that they are meant to.

By coming into the Soulful Entrepreneur Summit community there is an innate trust that they will learn ways to apply the leadership within themselves to scale to a higher level of prosperity while maintaining a sense of peace and tranquility in all the areas of their lives.

We believe that success in business happens when we are aligned with how to do it soulfully while staying true to our purpose.

About Alison Proffit

Alison Proffit, founder of Proffit Coach and creator of the Soulful Entrepreneur Summit is a Soulful Sales & Profitability Success Coach taking a holistic approach using a hybrid of coaching, consulting, and training. After 15 years in the corporate world, she left to help small businesses learn how to approach their sales, pricing & marketing strategies from the heart instead of just the head. Now Alison loves getting to work with entrepreneurs in accomplishing their vision of embracing all aspects of their business as a place where they can feel authentic and soul-aligned - especially sales and marketing. The idea for this community was born out of Alison's heart & soul and aligns with her top value of CONNECTION!

Without the summit co-creator, Amanda Mundo of Social Hero Brands Alison believes that none of this would have been possible. This summit is a testament to the fact that when working together with soul-aligned people, magic can happen!

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